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Does It Pay To Remodel???


Pondering a remodel? Did you know some projects actually pay for themselves when it’s time to sell? Remodeling Magazine just released its 30th annual Cost vs. Value report, which provides a detailed analysis into how much popular remodeling projects costóand the value they add to your homeóin various regions across the county. Thanks to our robust housing market, the Pacific Region beat the national average for recoup on every single project.

A few key takeaways we learned from this report are:

  1. Exterior “curb appeal” improvements generally pack a bigger payback than interior projects
  2. Inexpensive improvements are easier to recoup than pricier remodeling projects
  3. Replacement projects usually net more than remodeling/expansion projectsówhich may explain the relatively low returns on kitchen and bath remodels/additions

For the full Pacific Region report on all 29 projects, including project descriptions and scope, click here!




Cost vs. Value data © 2017 Hanley Wood Media Inc. Complete data from the Remodeling 2017 Cost vs. Value Report can be downloaded for free at

2016 Mid-Year Rental Market Statistics

Many of my clients are investor clients and ask me what is going on with the rental market.  My friends over at Lori Gill & Associates / Windermere Property Management have put together a wealth of information to help investors analyze the different areas of town and which might be the best areas for them to invest in.  Take a look for yourselves!

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Final Rental Rates for 2015

Last year was a crazy year for buyers trying to purchase homes but it was also a crazy year for tenants looking for a home/condo to rent.  Condos and single family homes were in high demand and tenants were faced with multiple applications and even bidding wars!  As we well know, real estate is cyclical and right now we happen to be in a landlord’s market.  I’m sure that this will revert back to a tenant’s market, in no time at all, but until then it’s tough out there!

The statistics below are courtesy of Windermere Property Management / Lori Gill & Associates. If you are ever in need of property management services I highly recommend them. The map, which helps you to correspond the MLS area with geographic location, is courtesy of the Northwest Multiple Listing Service.


Rental Rates

Rental Rates2

Rental Rates3

Rental Rates4